Venom Extraction

KRZ Venom Extraction Info

(Public Interest)

KRZ Venom Extraction Info
(Public Interest)

Venom extraction is a non-intrusive process that allows the animals to bite and inject venom naturally.

No pressure is placed on the venom glands because such pressure can cause damage to the glands. 


All of our animals feed voluntarily and reproduce viable young. 

A couple of our cobras that have been kept at Kentucky Reptile Zoo and used for extraction purposes are some of the oldest in captivity!

A baby cobra gets its first look at the world.

A baby cobra gets its
first look at the world.

Captive Bred vs Wild-Caught

We have found that captive-bred venomous snakes produce greater amounts and better quality venoms in comparison to wild-caught individuals. 

In an effort to reduce the collection of wild individuals and further our own efforts, the large majority of our snakes have been captive-born, most were produced here at the zoo!

Venom Extraction Demonstrations

Venom Extraction Demonstrations

At our daily venom extraction demonstrations, the public is allowed an up-close view of the extraction process. *

All snakes are handled with the experience of a professional and safety measures are in place to make this experience danger-free for the public.


This live venom extraction is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness these incredible and dangerous snakes up close and see them appropriately handled. 

* Please note that schedules do vary at KRZ and sometimes circumstances are such that the director is unable to give an extraction show.  Please call in advance to verify that times, days, or species have not changed.

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